RJ Papalini

About Us

For over 55 years the name RJ Papalini has been synonymous with quality, style, customer service and and value. Started in 1961, the company has grown to be the largest and best manufacturer of dry cleaners and laundromat furniture, gas station and mini-mart storefronts.

Our creative design team utilizes up-to-date techniques in combination with a CNC router to produce precision manufacturing. Our shop craftsmen, some with over 20 years experience, have the knowledge and skills necessary to construct our high-quality products.

In 2004 Richard Pennington purchased the company. Richard’s vision for the future of R.J. Papalini included adding reception desks, custom cabinetry for medical & dental offices, kitchens & bathrooms for the home, spa and salon furniture to the vast catalog of styles and designs. These additions have been met with overwhelming success.

Whether your needs are a simple table for your laundromat, a new drycleaner interior, a facelift for your home or office or an entire spa and hair salon, R.J. Papalini will bring your ideas to reality.